Travis Scott – Yosemite chords

[Chorus: Gunna]
C Dmaj7Ice on my neck, flawless baguettes
Em Dmaj7Hop off a jet, barely get rest
C Dmaj7Cash through the month, I get a check
Em Dmaj7Yves Saint Laurent on my pants and my chest
C Dmaj7Chanel, her dress, clean up her mess
Em Dmaj7I eat her flesh, you know the rest
Em Dmaj7Count up a hun', cop a Rolex
C Dmaj7Shine like the sun, you truly blessed
EmTwo-tone Patek
Dmaj7In the Clearport like I Uber these jets
CVVS's on me got my Gucci shirt wet
Dmaj7 EmPut a M in my bag, I'ma get used to these racks
Dmaj7 CI went to school where they teach you finesse
Dmaj7 EmFive hundred shells for the drip I invest
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