Travis Tritt – Tell Me I Was Dreaming tab

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From: Jason Carter 

"Tell Me I Was Dreaming"
from the Travis Tritt album
written by Tritt/Bruce Ray Brown

Intro (simplified): A# Am Ge+--------------------------------------------------|b+--------------------------------------------------|g+--------------------------------------------------| (4x)d+--------8-----------7-----------5-----5-----------|a+-----8-----8-----8-----8-----5-----5-----5--------|E+--6-----------5-----------3-----------------3--5--|
1st verse: A# Am G When I woke up this morning A# Am G Wiped the sleep from my eyes A# Am G Found a new day dawning A# Am G G/F# And suddenly I realize C You're gone Chorus: C F G Tell me I was dreaming C F G That you didn't leave me here to cry C F G Em You didn't say you don't love me anymore Am C D And it was just my imagination telling lies F G C Tell me that you didn't say goodbye 2nd verse: I'm in a state of confusion I hope things aren't what they seem If this is really happening Just let me go back to dream You're home (chorus) (solo) (chorus)
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