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From: (Geoffrey Bowerman)
Subject: CRD: The Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore - Travis Tritt
Date: 19 Nov 1995 20:48:03 -0700
Organization: The University of Calgary
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The Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore
As performed by Travis Tritt with Marty Stuart
Written by Marty Stuart

                (G A Bb) C               G
There was a time I could drink my cares away
G                              (G F# G G#)
Drown out all of the heartaches
     A                  D
That hurt me night and day
When the thought of you came crashin' through
C            G
I'd have one more
             G            D          G
But now the whiskey ain't workin' anymore

Chorus :
        C                           G
I need one good honky tonk angel to turn my life around
       G                  Em       A               D
That's reason enough for me to lay this old bottle down
  G                              C                G
A woman warm and willin', that's what I'm lookin' for
        G              D         G
'Cuz the whiskey ain't workin' anymore

Solo : C       G       (GFC)      G       D     G

They knew my name at every bar in town
And they knew all of the reasons
Why I was coming round, round, round
'Cuz in my mind, peace I'd find
When they'd start to pour
Now the whiskey ain't workin' anymore

Repeat chorus
         G            D          G
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