Travis – Distraction tab

a b-side, written by dougie payne ^.^ <3 love this song!

Intro: G F# G F# and so on (not sure about G, but sounds good)

F#                     Bm
Illuminate me please I need a distraction
     A                     E
From all this sense that just descends
From the skies, all the trees
All the birds, and the bees
When it's falling from time
  Bm (or D)
We fall in line

(same as above)
I get distracted from the heart of the matter
The bright lights blind and take my mind
From the fact, there's a tack
That is keeping me back
From a real life, it feels like

A                 E
All the little things I miss are
D                      A
Making up what all this is
      D             A          E
I'm living driven to distraction

I get an answer then it slips away from me
Before I tell somebody else
And just when I thought it was safe in the water
I'm sinking, I'm thinking


      D                  A
And all the action's somewhere else where
D                  A
Just when I think I've got somewhere
I'm back distracted
D                E
Wondering what's out there

Refrain again, 
end with A!
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