Treble Charger – I Dont Know tab

song: I DON'T KNOW
Tabbed by: MELISSA C

Ledgend- h = hammer on (play one note and then place finger on the string
without restrumming/plucking the string)
 |.  .|
 |.  .|   repeat sign, go back to the first set of dots and then continue.
C, E 0 Am, E 0 Em, E 0 G, E 3 D, E 2 Dm, E 1
   B 1     B 1     B 0    B 0    B 3     B 3
   G 0     G 2     G 1    G 0    G 2     G 2
   D 2     D 2     D 2    D 0    D 0     D 0
   A 3     A 0     A 2    A 2    A X     A 0
   E 0     E X     E 0    E 3    E X     E x


E----------------------------||B-------------0-1h3-1-0-1-1--||G.-----0h2-0----------------.||D.---2----------------------.|| <--- RepeatA--3-------------------------||E----------------------------||
Verses: (This is used for all verses in the song, just follow the same pattern for the second verse.) C I know that I have to/ Am Sleep at night and/ Em We all need someone to/ G blame/ C No one has ever/ Am Realized that/ Em We all get tired/ G Again Pre-chorus: Em I think I've been cast in the/ Am Wrong play, My lines Dm were written on the day/ Em Before. Chorus: C I can see there's/ Am nothing out there that/ D I don't know/ G but I don't know C it can be such Am empty logic D that I dont' know G I don't know Bridge: I have no clue yet, but I someone know's can you please e mail me and let me know! Ending riff:
E----------------------------|--------------------------------|B--------------0-1h3-1-0-1-0-|-------------0-1h3-1-0----------|G.------0h2-0----------------|-------0h2-0-----------2-0-----.|D.----2----------------------|----2--------------------------.|A---3------------------------|-3------------------------------|E----------------------------|--------------------------------|repeat this riff until music fades.
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