Treble Charger – I Dont Know chords

Treble Charger
I Don't Know
Wide Awake Bored
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Key: A, D, E, B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -    x02220
D -    xx0232
F#m -  244222
E -    022100
F -    133211
C -    x32010
G/B -  x2x003
C/E -  032xxx
Dm -   xx0231
D/F# - 2x023x
G -    320033
Bb -   x13331
C#m -  x46654
G#m -  466444
B -    x24442

Intro: A-D-F#m-D- x2

Guitar 2:e|-----0-----0-0h2p0------------|B|-2-3---2-3---------3--2--3--2-|G|------------------------------|D|------------------------------| x4A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
Verse 1:
AI know that I have
Dto sleep at night
F#mAnd we all need
Dsomeone to blame
ANo one ever
Dhas to realize
F#mThat we all get
Dtired again
Refrain 1: Bass only
C I think I've been
G/B A Fcast in the wrong play
C/E Dm CMy lines were written
G/B Aon the day before
Chorus 1:
E ANow I see there's
Gnothing out there
D/F#That I don't know
Fbut I don't know
E A GIt can be such empty logic
D/F#That I don't know
FI don't know
Interlude: A-D-F#m-D- Verse 2:
AIn the time it
Dtakes to understand
F#mIs a pause where
Dwe like to complain
ANoone is required
Dto take a stand
F#mAnd we all get
Dtime to explain
Refrain 2: Bass Only
CI think I left
G/B A Fsomething behind
C/E Dm CThe lime green plastic
G/B A Folive branch before
(Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge:
D All at once it's
Aa special favour
G Wave a hand and it's
Bb Dall arranged for you
Though we know you're
Ano bleeding saviour
G Bb-- A---- We listen close it's true Guitar Solo: C#m--A--C#m--G#m--C#m--A--F#m--A-- Chorus 2: Modulate from A to B
BI can see there's
Anothing out there
G#mThat I don't know
Gbut I don't know
B AIt can be such empty logic
G#mThat I don't know
GI don't know
B A G#m G I don't know
B AI don't know
G#m AI don't know
Guitar Solo: B-A-G#m-G- x4
Guitar 2:e|---0-2---0-2-2h4p2-0-----0-------0-2---0-2-2h4p2-0---------|B|-4-----4--------------4-----4--4-----4-------------3--2--0-|G|-----------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------| x2A|-----------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
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