Tree 63 – Alright chords

Artist: Tree 63
Title: Alright

Tuning Standard: E A D G B E

(tabbed by vince)
Please note: This is just a hint - because I'm not familiar with this whole Chords-
maj and -sus4 and the numbers behind Chords... -thing I just writed down the basic 
Chords (try Cadd9 and C2 and Fmaj)- sounds right to me - and maybe somone can add 
that, please. (just vary the finger position and modify the chords :) and sry 4 bad english)

F   a        F d a

F d aI believe a change is going to come
F dThat yesterday is over
C F C FI do yeah I do yeah
F d aThe clouds have silver linings after all
F dI’ve seen them with my own eyes
C F C F GIt’s true yeah – it’s true yeah
C F GThough darkness overcomes you now
C F GMorning will break through somehow
F CIt’s all gonna be alright – it’s all gonna be alright
G CEven this will pass – tomorrow comes at last
F CIt’s all gonna be alright – it’s all gonna be alright
G G7It’s all gonna be alright
The grass is greener on the other side No matter what they tell you It’s beautiful – so beautiful Sow in tears and reap with songs of joy No sorrow lasts forever It’s true yeah – it’s true yeah There never was a darkest night Without the promise of the morning light It’s all gonna be…
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