Tree – Burnt tab

Riff A

C--9--9--9--9--G--7--7--7--7--D--------------Let last note ring.
Riff B
Riff C
Riff D
C--9--7--G--7--5--D--------Let Ring
Riff E
C--9-----7--G--7--9--5--D-----7-----Let last note ring.
Order Riff A x1 Riff B x4 Riff C x4 Riff D x6 Riff B x4 Riff E x3 End x1 Lyrics I used to have in the summer sun But now I gotta run for the shade I used to have fun in the noonday sun But now its got me headed for an early grave Like a Deathstar rising in the horizon You better beware of the tricks the sunlight plays I'm not lying out, I'll be hiding out In these last days of ultraviolet rays The sun has set on my summer Forever The sun has set on my summer Forever Tick tock goes the clock Down to the wire Out of the frying pan And into the fire
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