Te Amo chords with lyrics by Trevor Hall - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Trevor Hall – Te Amo chords

Capo 4

C: x32010
C9: x20010
Am: x02210Gadd4: 320010
Csus4: xx3013 Verse 1:
CWell I been trying to meet you baby
I been trying to seek your lovely
C9Tell me where you come from darling
Tell me where you run to honey
AmI am only here to listen
I am only here to fear Gadd4 Tell me everything about you Tell me about all the hearts you steal Verse 2: (same as above Fire is burning round me Are you gonna burn with me too Cause I don't really want this life All I really want is you Are you gonna take me up there Are you gonna help me see Are you gonna live this madness or are you going to bury me Chorus:
C Gadd4 So shall I run
Am Csus4Or shall I fall, shall I fall for you
C Gadd4I'll burn it down
Am Csus4I'll sell it all, I'll sell it all for you
Verse 3 (same chords) Well tell me mama am I dreamin' Or am I too deep in sleep All of my friends have told me a woman makes a man's heart weak But I don't really want to listen I don't believe what they say I want to be your shelter and I want you to shelter me Verse 4 (same chords) When we're in a town or city, It all starts to seem unsafe Without you in my heart, I'm a cold man I have to say. Living my life in shadows I don't know what this all means, But I am a seeker and I'm seeking you to rescue me Chorus x 2
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