Trevor Hall – Te Amo chords ver. 2

Te Amo by Trevor hall

Capo 4

Note: All G's can also be Gadd11. They both sound good to me. Also In the chorus, 
the Fmaj9 goes to Fmaj7 with the middle finger and back to Fmaj9. You can hear it 
in the song, it's a little complicated to describe, but that's what happens. Enjoy!

Intro: C

CWell I been trying to meet you baby
I've been trying to seek you lovely
Cmaj9Tell me where you come from darlin'
Tell me where you run to honey
AmI am only here to listen
I am only here to feel
GTell me everything about you
Tell me 'bout all the hearts you steal
CFire is burnin' 'round me
Are you gonna burn with me too
Cmaj9Cause I don't really want this life ya
All I really want is you
AmAre you gonna take me up there
Are you gonna help me see
GAre you gonna lift this madness
Or are you going to bury me Chorus:
C G AmSo shall I run or shall I fall
Fmaj9 CShall I fall for you
GI'll burn it down
AmI'll sell it all
Fmaj9 CI'll sell it all for you
CWell tell me mama am I dreamin'
Or am I too deep in sleep
Cmaj9All of my friends have told me
A woman makes a man's heart weak.
AmBut I don't really wanna listen
I don't believe what they say
GCause I wanna be your shelter
And I want you to shelter me.
CWeather in a town or city
It all starts to seem the same
Cmaj9Without you in my heart
I'm a cold man I have to say
AmLivin' my life in shadows
I don't know what this all means
GBut I am a seeker and I'm seeking you to rescue me
Repeat Chorus twice at end
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