Triads - Tell Me Why tab

			     Tell Me Why  The Triads
Tabbed by: Robert Bochanski

Tuning: regular

This is a new song its played with one guitar, you can download it on Kazaa

e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------G|---7--7--5--5-x-x-x---------------play this three times--------------------D|---7--5--5--5-x-x-x--5--5--3--3-----------------------------4--------------A|---5--5--3--3-x-x-x--5--5--3--3-----------------------------4--------------E|---------------------3--3--1--1-----------------------------2--------------
Verse 1 Tell me why you couldent see, The best things were, inside of me, You always, think about yourslef, Instead of wondering, how I felt. Chours Well ohh no, tell me why, Ohh no, please dont cry, Ohh, no, no no, leave me the hell alone Verse 2 Now your story, has slightly changed, From what you originally, did proclaim, You say you have, someone new., Well go ahead, and get screwed, Chours Cause ohh, no, tell me why Ohh no, please dont cry, Ohh no, no no, leave me the f**k alone. Verse 3 Now your true, has turned you blue, So go with him, and your f**ked up life, Dont look back, dont think twice, And you you cant, be my wife Chours Cause ohh no, tell me why Oh no, please dont cry, Oh no, no no, leave me the hell alone. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note =======================================================================
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