Tribes – Halfway Home chords

I know this song is finger-picked (well most of it), but unless you really need me to
tab it out, just figure it out yourself, cos it's pretty simple and it changes slightly
througout, so it'll take ages to tab it all like that, so I'm just going to lay down the 
chords. Enjoy!



Verse 1:

C Bb Dm CAn awakening of self, wrapped up and ready to go.
F Bb Dm CJust wanna dance with you but I won't let it show.
C Bb Dm CDo you remember how we were? Late nights on the trampoline.
F Bb Dm cJust wanna dance with you, this time it's plain to see.
F C F C BbOoooh ooooh ooh-ooh-ooh
F C F C Bb FOoooh ooooh ooh-ooh-ooh
Verse 2:
C Bb Dm CStay awake to watch you sleep. I'm young but I don't feel well.
F Bb Dm CI'm not in love with you but i won't let you tell.
C Bb Dm CIf you could list your favorite things. Fast food and magazines.
F Bb Dm CI'm not in love with you, this time it's plain to see.
F C F C BbOoooh ooooh ooh-ooh-ooh
x 2
F C F C Bb FOoooh ooooh ooh-ooh-ooh
(If you want the little guitar lick that descends into the chorus) :
F C Bb C FWell I'm saving up my time, for use on someone else.
C Bb C FNot much left here anyway...I blame that on myself.
C Bb C FBut I wouldn't change a thing, I'm better off alone.
C Bb C FWhen you wake up here tomorrow, I'll be half way home.
Chorus x 1 Finish on F. p: Pull-off
h: Hammer-ons: Slide
~: Vibrato
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