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Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 20:00:00 +0200
From: valley 
Subject: t/trio/bye_bye.crd


				    B y e    B y e

From the Album: Bye Bye
Transcribed by valley


1st verse: G Em7 She liked G Em7 Say Good-bye G Em7 Say Good-bye C And all her dreams G Bye bye 2nd verse: G Em7 And I wanna G Em7 But now she's gone G Em7 Now she's gone C Far away G Bye bye G Em C G Bye bye G Em C G Bye bye 3rd verse: G Em7 And I wanna G Em7 But now she's gone C Alles sagt G Bye bye
Asus2 G Em Asus2 G Em C GE|--------------------------|--------------------|------------------------|B|--------------------------|--------------------|------------------------|G|--------------------------|--------------------|------------------------|D|--------------------------|------------0-0-----|------------------------|A|-----0-0-2-2-3-2-0------0-|----0-0-2-2-----0---|--3-5---3-2-------------|E|---3-----------------0----|--3---------------3-|------------3-----------|
G Em7 She liked G Em7 Say Good-bye G Em7 Say Good-bye C But all her love G Bye bye G Em C G Bye bye G Em C G Bye bye
C GE|---3---x---3-----------|---3---x---3---------------------------------|B|---0---3---0-----------|---0---3---0---------------------------------|G|---0---0---0---2-2-0---|---0---0---0---2-2-0-------------------------|D|---0---2---0---2-2-0---|---0---2---0---2-2-0-------------------------|A|---2---2---2-----------|---2---2---2---------------------------------|E|---3---0---3-----------|---3---0---3---------------------------------|
... bye bye bye bye G Em C G G Em C G G Em C G G Em C G G Em C G and fade out Em7: 02203x Asus2: xx22xx Please send me corrections/modifications in the lyrics or the chords if you think it sounds not as it should for you.
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