Tripl3fastaction – Superstar tab

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Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 1998 10:49 PM
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artist:  Tripl3fastaction
album:   Broadcaster
song:    Superstar

(acoustic with delay effect)


Cadd9 G/B D+ Cadd9 G/B Cadd9e --------------------------|-------------------3------|B --------------------------|---------------------3----|G -----0-----0-----0-----0--|-----0-----0-----0-----0--|D ---2-----0-----4-----4----|---2-----0-----2----------|A -3-----2-----5-----5------|-3-----2-----3------------|E --------------------------|--------------------------|
G G/F# Em G/F G/F# Ge -------------------0------|-------------------3------|B ---------------------0----|---------------------3----|G -----------------------0--|-----------------------0--|D -----0-----0-----2--------|-----0-----0-----0--------|A ---2-----0-----2----------|---0-----0-----2----------|E -3-----2-----0------------|-1-----2-----3------------|
we won't be taught no more sue ohmelong (!?) wish for something more i shoke the hands of time he is a friend of mine but all he had to say he was sorry C D and i'll wait C D some kind of superstar C D E no matter where you are tonight
riff: E E Eb D Ce -------------------------|----------------------------|B -------------------------|----------------------------|G -------------------------|---9-----9-----9----9-8-7-5-|D -------------------------|---9-----9-----9----9-8-7-5-|A -------------------------|-2-7---2-7---2-7--2-7-6-5-3-|E -0-0-0-etc---------------|-0-----0-----0----0---------|
C D some kind of superstar C D E riff C D nah nah na na na nah B intro x1 verse x2 end on G chords: Cadd9: x32033 G/B: x20033 D+: x54055 G: 320033 G/F#: 200033 G/F: 100033 Written by Wesley Kidd and tripl3fastaction c1995 Songs of Polygram International, Inc. and Music Made With Love
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