Tripod - Boobs tab

Tripod Boobs solo

Song: Boobs
Band Tripod
Album Middleborough Rd
Tabbed by	JAGM

I tabbed this out only because the other tab(s) didn’t have the solo right so I fixed
most the entire thing, these are some awesome songs and are worth learning just for
it's almost 1005 correct if it's not. Look out for my Wednesday 13 Tabs, I've almost 
Don’t bother emailing me I never check em any way but just for the record it’s

H = hammer on		ah = artificial “ pinch” harmonic
B = bend

E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |----12-10-12-13-12-10------------------10-12----12-12-12-12-12--------------|G |----------------------12-12ah-12-12-12-------------------------12-12h14-14br|D |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |----------------------------------------------------------7-------------------|B |----12-10-12-13-12-10-----13-12-13-13br----12-12-10-10--8---8-----------------|G |----------------------12---------------12-------------------------------------|D |------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A |------------------------------------------------------ JAGM ------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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