Tristan Prettyman – Say Anything tab

"Say Anything" Tristan Prettyman

Capo 1 (all notes relative to capo)
This is what I hear from the finger picking throughout
Basically whenever there is a G play the G rift below and same with the all the other chordes.

G e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---0--------0--------0--------2h4-------4--------4-----------------| D|--------0------------------0-----------0-----------------3---------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---3-------------3------------------------------3------------------|
Em e|--------------------------------------------| B|------------0-------------------------------| G|---0------------0-------------0-------------| D|---2---2-----------------2--------2---------| A|---2-----------------2----------------------| E|--------------------------------------------|
C e|------------------------------------| B|---1--------1---------1-------------| G|---0---0------------------0---------| D|------------------------------------| A|---3-------------3------------------| E|-------------------------------------|
Intro G Em x2 G If I could say anything, anything Em What would it be? G Em a good question for a distined reality C i would tell you that i love you G even when it didn't show C i would tell you that i love you baby, G by now i hope you know. G G, Em, G, Em, C, G, C, G if you could go anywhere, anywhere what would you see? take a step in any direction, it's make believe if your mind is always moving its hard to get your heart up off the ground yeah, your mind was always moving but your thoughts never made a sound chorus C G we won't break if we let go C D you and i already know C G we were bound to be set free Am even truely, here we are now G you can say anything G, Em G, Em, G, Em, C, G, C, G if i could have it go any way, any way it'd go like this take it back to a couple years yesterday to our first kiss in that moment i loved you this isn't how i ever saw it going down in that moment i loved you i wish i knew then what i know now. G chorus C, G, C, D you should say anything you could say anything x3 Bridge Em you should you listen to your heart (you should listen to you your heart) C it's gonna tell you what you need (it's gonna tell you what you need) Em take care of yourself (take care of yourself) D don't you worry about me (don't you worry about me) x2 chorus Outro G Em X4 you can say anything x4 always say anything Be creative with this one. There are lots of different ways to pick it that sound good! Email me at with any suggestions/corrections
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