Trooper - Were Here For A Good Time tab

Artist: Trooper
Song: Were Here For a Good Time (Not A Long Time)
From the album Hot Shots (1979)

Verse 1:
A very good friend of mine
Told me something the other day
I'd like to pass it on to you
           D                        A
Cause I believe what he said to be true

He said...


We're here for a good time
Not a long time (not a long time)
So have a good time
    D                     A
The sun can't shine every day


A                D
And the sun is shinin'
Bm            A
In this rainy city
And the sun is shinin'
Bm                 A
Oooooh, isn't it a pity
And every year, has it's share of tears
    E             D               C#m
And every now and then it's gotta rain

Repeat Chorus:

Harmonica Solo play chords to first verse:

Repeat Bridge:

Repeat Chorus tell end of song and then fade out:
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