Trower Robin – I Cant Wait Much Longer tab

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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 13:00:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: Hamid Samadani 
Subject: TAB: I Can't Wait Much Longer by Robin Trower

From: (Hamid Samadani)

"I Can't Wait Much Longer" from the 1975 Chrysalis release "Robin Trower Live"
by Robin Trower and Miller - tabbed by Hamid Samadani (


 This is my first attempt at tablature!  I'm not using a program, simply a text
editor.  When following along with the CD, I find that I play one fret lower
what I have tabbed below.  And oh by the way, I have only figured out 50% of
tune.  I really love the song.  I hope that someone finds my humble attempt and
is motivated to submit a more credible and complete version.

^     - bend
h     - hammer
r     - release bend
=     - hold note
/     - slide up
\     - slide down
...   - carry over to next staff
u     - undetermined fret from which to slide up or down
(x^y) - xth fret bent to yth fret as one continuous sound

(Begin Fig. A. Play this staff 3X in the intro and twice during each verse.)E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------12====12/14--------7====7------------------------------------------|G--------12====12/14--------7====7------------------------------------------|D--------12====12/14--------7====7--------7---------------------------------|A-----14------------------9---------7--9-----9--7---------------------------|E--12------------------7----------------------------------------------------|
(End Fig. A)E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------12====12/14--------7====7------------------------------------------|G--------12====12/14--------7====7------------------------------------------|D--------12====12/14--------7====7--------7---------------------------------|A-----14------------------9---------7--9-----9--7---------------4-5--5h7----|E--12------------------7------------------------------9--5==5==-------------|
This is harder than I thought. Hope it's enough to get someone motivated to submit a more complete version. ------------------------------------------ Hamid Samadani, Open Market, Inc., Washington, DC USA Voice: 202.546-5785 Fax: 202.543.8868
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