True Worshippers – This Is My Life chords

Do = G, 4/4
8 Beat
♪ = 70-73

Intro :
| G . D/F# . | Em . G/D . |
| C G/B Am . | D/F# . B/D# . |
| Em G/D A/C# . |

Am Bm C You've opened up my eyes
EmTo see You Lord
Am Bm C You’ve turned my life around
EmIn righteousness
Am Bm CThere is nothing more precious
Em D C BmThan to be in Your presence
Am DAnd to see You by my side
D A Bm A This is my life I surrender
G Fm Am DBefore Your throne
G D/F# Em D I bend my knees I surrender
C Bm Am D To worship You
G D/F# Em D I lift my voice to sing Your praises
C Bm Am D Be magnified and be glorified today
G D/F# Em D C Bm Am D
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