True Worshippers – All Things New chords

CAlive, In You we're so alive
Am7(With) new hopes in our hearts
FFor the freedom that You gave
CYeah, the freedom in our lives
Our lives have been redeemed
Am7By the beautiful blood of Christ
FSo now we come to You
Dm7So now we worship You
Dm7 Am7(You) make all things possible
Dm7 G(You) reign Victorious
{pre-chorus - guitar version}
D F A G(You) make all things possible
D F G(You) reign Victorious
CAll our voices sing
F/EAll creation bring
Am7Their adoration for the King
Who reigns in glory
Dm7 G CBehold the One who's making all things new
F/E(For) we have been redeemed
Am7Yes, we have been set free
And You are all we need
Dm7 GSo now our lives will shine for all to see
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