True Worshippers – Glory To Glory chords

Glory to Glory 
True Worshippers 

Intro : C FM7 

Verse 1 : 
CMeekness and majesty
GIn humbleness You came down and rescued me
DmYou gave it all upon The Cross
C Csus2 C Csus2As an offering
Verse 2 :
CYou traded Your life for me
GIn righteousness You poured out Your love so free
DmAnd now my soul will worship You
C Csus2 CAs an offering
Pre-chorus :
F G7/F FWe come into Your presence now in awe
CCasting all our crowns at Your feet
F G7/F FHow wonderful the things that You have done
Am GForever You will reign glorious
Chorus :
CBe lifted up from glory to glory to glory
FM7 AmWe offer up the praises that You deserve
G CYou're changing us from glory to glory to glory
FM7 AmOur lives will shine before You and shout Your worth
G CYou're glorious
Ending :
FYou're glorious
CYou're glorious
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