Trustcompany - Peel tab

Artist: TRUSTcompany
Song: Peel

Drop D tunning

Im missing some of the intro stuff, like the walk down part of it, but this will
have to do, cause noone else has tried this tab. This is also my first attempt
at tab. Any questions or comments or corrections, email me at


E -------------------------B ---------0----------0----G ------------------------- x2D ---0h2------0h2----------A -------------------------D -------------------------
E--------------------- B -----------------b4G -------------------- x2D 2 2 2 2 2 2 ----A 2 2 2 2 2 2 ----D 2 2 2 2 2 2 ----
E ---------------------------B ---------------------------G ---------------------------D 0h2 0h2 0h2 0h2 0h3A 0h2 0h2 0h2 0h2 0h3D 0h2 0h2 0h2 0h2 0h3
E 7-7-7-7-7h9h10p7 ----B ----------------------G ----------------------D ----------------------A ----------------------D ----------------------
Order of Song: Intro/verse Chorus x2 Verse Chrous x2 Verse Bridge x4 Chorus
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