Tsunami Bomb - Russian Roulette tab

Tsunami Bomb - Russian Roulette
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Intro:e|-----------------------|------|B|-----------------------|------|G|-------5-5-------------|------|D|--3-3--5-5--6-6--5/-8--|--3~--|A|--3-3--3-3--6-6--5/-8--|--3~--|E|--1-1-------4-4--3/-6--|--1~--|(play 4 times and end on ^)
Verse: "Something isn't right something's got you down"
e|-----| e|-------------------|B|-----| B|---/13~--13--------|G|-----| G|---/13~-----13-10--|D|--3--| D|-------------------|A|--3--| A|-------------------|E|--1--| E|-------------------|Let ring
After the beginning verse, the Intro is played palm-muted and with a moreup-beat rhythm. Then the Chorus comes in using the same rhythm as the intro. The Chorusis the same as the Intro. Then the next Verse comes in and you play the Verse Riff. Afterwards, again the palm muted Intro followed by the Chorus, whichis followed by this interlude type of deal... Interlude: A little explanation for this one- I labeled the parts (I), (a), (b) and (c)so it would be easier to follow. You play part I, and follow with part (a). Goback to part I and follow with (b), then part I followed with (a) again, andlast, part I followed by (c).
"Oh, Oh, Oh"(I.)e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|--------------4--4--4--4----|D|--8-8--8--8--4-4--4--4--3-|A|--8--8--8--8--6--6--6--6--3-|E|--6--6--6--6--------------1-|
(a- played quick)e|-----------|B|-----------|G|-x-5--x-4--|D|-x-x--x-x--|A|-x-3--x-2--|E|-----------|
(b- a down slide picking the 6th stringstarting from aboutthe 16th fret down to the 1st)e|-------|B|-------|G|-------|D|-------|A|-------|E|-16\1--|
(c- self explanatory)e|----------------|B|----------------|G|-5-4-------4-5--|D|-----6-5-6------|A|----------------|E|----------------|
Voice Break: "You better watch your back"
e|---------|B|---------|G|---------|D|--3------|A|--3------|E|--1------|*Let ring
(play this chord through the break)e|------|B|------|G|------|D|--33--|A|--33--|E|--11--|
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