Tue Loup – Elias chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tue Loup - Elias-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tempo : 120Tabbed by:newgE-mail:gwendal.mollo@orange.fr Note :(Capo on 5 can be easily : Dm->Am, F->C...)(all the chords is bar chords : Dm x57765...)
Riff intro : e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-10-10-10-10-| x4
e|---------8------------8----------------------------------------|B|------9----9--------9------------------------------------------|G|---10--------10---9--------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------12----------------12------|A|---------------------------------12-------12-------12-----12---|E|----------------------------8/10---------------10--------------| x2
Dm A#Elias alone is watching the sun
A Dmby the window
Dm A#Elias alone is looking at the flies
A DmOn the window
F CWhen she passed in the light
DmAlmost naked
F Ceating a banana
Dmjust for pleasure
G F#m A# Dmshe said my man
G F#m A# Dmshe said my thing
G F#m A# Amshe said
Riff intro x1 Dm
Dm A#Elias alone is watching the moon
A Dmaround the house
Dm A# AElias alone is listening to the spiders
Dmin the house
F CWhen she left in the light
Dmtoo much dressed
F CBy this beautiful night
Dmjust for pleasure
G F#m A# Dmshe said no man
G F#m A# Dmshe said no thing
G F#m A# Amshe said
Solo : F C Dm Dm x4 Outro : Riff x1
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