Tumbledown – Arrested In El Paso Blues chords

Artist: Tumbledown
Song: Arrested In El Paso Blues
Album: Empty Bottle
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2nd fret


A G D 4x

A G DIt was early in the morning 'bout nine to nine
A G DWe were driving through the night near the Mexican line
GThey said we caught you red
DWe can shoot you dead
A DSo tell us what you got or get a bullet in your head
G DGot the arrested in El Paso blues
A DThrow out the drugs and the booze
G DGot the arrested in El Paso blues
A DWe've only got our rights and our freedom to lose
Solo: A G D 2x
A G DThey confiscated our green and they took our dough
A G DThey arrested us in El Paso
G DNow they're pattin us down and kickin our shoes
A DReadin us our rights got the arrested in El Paso blues
A G DThey got my worldly possessions thrown about the floor
A G DAnd I don't think we're gonna make the show no more
Bm D Em G So don't you mess with Texas from experience I know
Bm G A DAnd steer far clear of the U.S. border patrol
Solo: D G D A Bm G D A CHORUS 2x Tag: G A D
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