Turin Brakes - Rain City chords version 1

This song is very easy once you've found out that it is tuned down one half-step. There
are some hammerings etc. that you should be able to figure out yourselves. I hope the
guy who posted the last tab (that all the other pages copied) was still together with 
his girlfriend after he'd played it to her...

Verse (Open my eyes, had a dream last night...)e|---2---|-------|-----------|B|---3---|---3---|---3-------|G|---2---|-------|-----------|D|-------|---2---|-----------|A|---x---|---3---|---2-------|E|---x---|---x---|---3-(2-3)-|
Chorus (Oh my love I can't let go...)e|---x---|-------|-------|B|-------|---3---|---2---|G|-------|---4---|---4---|D|-------|---4---|---2---|A|---2---|---2---|-------|E|---3---|---x---|---x---|
Bridge (Almost too much...)e|-------|-------|-------|B|-------|---2---|-------|G|---3---|---2---|---1---|D|---4---|---2---|---2---|A|---4---|-------|---2---|E|---2---|-------|-------|
Bridge Continued - End (...so slowly...)e|-------|---x---|-------|---2---|-------|B|---3---|-------|---2---|---3---|---3---|G|---2---|-------|---4---|---2---|-------|D|-------|-------|---2---|-------|---2---|A|-------|---2---|-------|---x---|---3---|E|---2---|---3---|---x---|---x---|---x---|
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