Turnpike Troubadours – Call A Spade A Spade chords

Call A Spade A Spade
By Turnpike Troubadours (with Jamie Wilson - awesome singer)

G CWell you've got a ring, you've got a new last name
G CYou've got the same old eyes, there the same, aw the same
F C C/B AmAnd you've got a heart big enough to kill us all
G C But when you fall, well damn you fall
You've got a way, you've got a way ??? You've got a look that dropped me dead here on the floor And you've got a touch, it's the sweetest one I know I gotta go, yeah I've gotta go Chorus:
G F C Oh and everything so easy up until it's complicated
G F CUntil we wake with our heads shakin' at the choices we have made
G F C Well to call the whole thing stupid seems so sorely understated
C G F Aw but can we dance a little long, can we call a spade a spade
Well you've gotta try an awful hard to keep it hid And you've got a man (I've got a man) oh and I been actin like a kid 'And you've got more than a tattoo up your sleeve It's time to leave (it's time to leave), well it;'s time to leave Chorus Fiddle Well I've gotta quit, yeah darlin I guess I do too Well I'll take a hint (oh take a hint), it's high time we get a clue And darlin please (oh please) ??? you stop sayin love This ain't love, good god above Chorus
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