Turnpike Troubadours – Empty As A Drum chords

Empty As A Drum
By Turnpike Troubadours

This is tabbed to match the recording - you can also play with
Capo 2 in the key of D (D, F#7, G in the verses, D, A, G in chorus)

Capo 4

CWell two old red-nosed whiskey drunks were talkin politics
E7 FIt was time to hit the bricks, it was time for me to go
CAnd I was right there on the verge of pullin' out my hair
E7 FActin as though I could not care less and hopin' she would show
Well my bags are packed and ready, I was feelin' like a wreck Some clothes and personal effects, I left everything I own And the last I laid eyes on her, we were in a hotel hall Holdin hands like paper dolls, aw but here I sit alone Chorus:
C G FWell I'm gonna give it one more minute, give me one more round of rum
G FWell I'm as empty as a drum, I'm as empty as a drum
C G FCould you spare a cigarette, I hate to be a bum
CBut here's to hopin' she'll still come, I'm too old to be this dumb, well I'm too old to
be this dumb Well I tell you that bartender, she's a site to see Aw you'd be envious of me, least you would if she was here And the kid there in the corner has been spoilin' for a fight And it feels like that of night, aw buddy instead pour me a beer Chorus When you darkened up the doorway, I stood up from the bar Well I said hey now here you are, damn it darlin how are you and you kissed me Said I can't say that I'm great oh lord I hate it that I am late Oh what a mess we got into
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