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Turtles – You Know What I Mean tab

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                         "You Know What I Mean"
                      (Gary Bonner - Alan Gordon)


E F#7 E v v v v v v v v -0--0-0--0-0--0-0--0-|-0--0-0--0----0-0--0-| ---------------------|---------------------| ----1-2--1----3-4--3-|----1-2--4------2--1-| -2---------4---------|-2------------4------| ---------------------|---------------------| ---------------------|---------------------|
Verse 1: E F#7 Shouldn't we two be together E F#7 You know what I mean A D G E To be with you is something like a dream (you know what I mean) A D And if you want me to A D G I'll bring sunshine to you only Verse 2: E [N.C.] F#7 You better stop, take a look about E F#7 You know what I mean A D G E If only you could see the dreams that seem to mean so much to me A D Then you'd know the reason why A E I would love to "I do" than say D A D A Goodbye and let you go forever B/F# Wouldn't we two be together Bridge: E F# E F# Can't you see that I want you A For me forever C# F# Wouldn't we two be together Verse 3: B C# B C# Do you know what I mean, can't you read in between the lines E A D B Sometimes I'm talking and it doesn't seem too clear E A But if you have to know E B E / / / / / F# / I'm in love if only you know what I mean Coda [repeat to fade]: E F# [vocals enter 3rd time; bass plays B-C# starting 6th time] / / / / -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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