Tv On The Radio – Second Song chords

Confidence and ignorance approve me
G Define my day today
Em I’ve tried so hard to
Dm shut it down
F Lock it up, gently walk
G away
Appetites and
C impulses confuse me
Decide my
A# day-to-day
Now my body says
C it’s
over Shakin’ hands move to tear my face away And
A# when
Gm the
A# night comes,
F I’m fiending like a
G pyro
And I know
C it stables my survival
A# When there’s music all
F ’round
me And I haven’t
G got a single word to say
C And then
F the light
Cm shines, it’s
F gleaming like a
G bottle
And Lord
C knows I
Gm tackled it full
G throttle
May I illuminate the
Gm nameless, faceless
C saints
G these hard
F and
C open
graves Every lover on G a mission Shift your known
C position, livin’ a lie
A# Every diamond down the
F middle
You are instrumental to
G the
light Every silent
C evolution
Make your
A# contribution to the light
F Every lover on a mission
G Shift your known position to
C the
light G
Gm Old
C body, mind, leaves me
F behind
And I’ll do you one
C better
While you define your heartless
A# time
I’ll defend my love forever
G Every lover on
C a
G mission
Shift your known position, livin’ a lie Every diamond down the middle You are instrumental to the light
F Every silent evolution
Make your contribution to
A# the
F light
Every glorious
A# disaster
F is gonna
D bring this faster
F out into
Dm the light, the
Gm light
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