Twisted Wheel – Shes A Weapon tab


New band from Oldham Manchester - Signed to Columbia Sony BMG in late 2007/ early 2008.

Standard Tuning

Intro: E chord strum


E               Bb                          A
Reload-aim-fire hold at arms length she's a real live wire
E                      Bb                     A
Hands up! Stick 'em up make a hiccup and your gonna get cut


E              Bb A
Shes's a Weapon

Verse 2:

E                  Bb               A
Hostage! Shot down surrender to her crown
E                               Bb                   A
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide say your prayers its time to die


E            Bb A
She's a Weapon

Middle 8:

E                   A           G D A
Looks like theres a prisoner....
E              A          G                  D       A
On DeathRow nowhere to go think its time to exterminate
She's a Weapon

Final Chorus:
E              Bb     A
She's a Weapon yeeaaah
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