Twitty Conway – Aint She Something Else tab

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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 14:55:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: crd:  Ain't She Something Else By Conway Twitty

                                Ain't She Something Else

Performed by Conway Twitty
Album:  # 1's the Warner Bros. Years
Writers:  Jerry Foster & Bill Rice
Transcriber:  Kenneth Wilber

A                            Bm7     A
Don't you like the way she talks to you
D                   E      A
When she's feeling woman warm
And don't it make you feel so good
  D      C#m7        Bm       D     E7sus
Just to know she's yours all by yourself

Don't you like to see the sun go down
When she's lying close to you
And can't you feel her all around
And when she loves you ain't she something else

D          E7    A            D             A         E11
Ain't she just some kind of lover in the morning
  D    E7    A             D  C#m7            Bm7   E7
Can't your arms feel the warmness where she slept
  E11            A       D              A
Ain't she just all that you have ever wanted
      D        C#m7      Bm   E7             A
And when she loves you ain't she something else

Don't you like the way she clings to you
And loves you 'til there's nothing left
Now tell me don't her lips taste good
And when she loves you ain't she somthing else

Repeat Chorus:
       D                  Bm      E7           A
Lord, When she loves me she's sure something else
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