Tye Tribbett – Free To Worship chords

Free to Worship
Tye Tribbett
Key: ETempo: 140bpm(Allegro)
Intro: (1)Guitar, (2)Drums/Synth Lead (3)Bass and Em on Synth. Verse 1:
E E D EI'm so amazed by all you've done
E D N.C. A-B-D-E-G You took my place
E E D EBecause of your amazing love
E E FI'm free today
F#You paid a debt
you did not owe
E E D EYou gave your life unselfishly
E DYou saved my soul
GYou took my wrongs and
D/F#You made them right
AYou broke the darkness
E/G# off my life
C D Eand now I'm walking in the light I’m free
GI'm free
DI'm free
A Free to worship You
E/G#I'm free
G DNo more chains holding me
AI walk in liberty
EI'm free
Verse 2: Before You, life was incomplete You made me whole Searched far and wide for something true You filled the void I was so lost and oh so blind The wind of your love came and blew scales off my eyes InstruMENTAL: (intro) Outro: (same as chorus) Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh I am free Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh Yeah, I am free
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