Tye Tribbett – Superstar chords

Song: Superstar
Artist Tye Tribbett

With all of the effects and drums its a lil difficult to hear the actual key the song is 
in. The song is in the key of B. the chord scale is:
B C#m D#m E F#  G#m  A#dim

The verse and Chorus of the song goes as follows:

B - F# - G#m - E


Bforget about the cars, the bentleys with the rims
F#it's not about the clothes, the baggy jeans and timbs
G#mforget about the house, the mansion on the hill
Ewith the swimming pool in the back and the barbecue on the grill
Bforget about fortune, forget about the fame
Esee it's not about money or people screaming my name
BI just love you, oh Lord I just love you for
F#who you are That's all,
G#mthat's all See, I'm not trying to be no
Esuperstar That's not why I'm singing this song
And the same pattern repeats itself for the following verses now the bridge or vamp is the same but the chord changes are slightly faster
BI love you Lord and here's the reason why
F#You gave your life, you didn't have to die
G#mEverytime I think about it I just cry
EAs I long as I live you'll be glorified
BI know I don't pray just as much I should
F#I know I don't read just as much as I could
G#mand if I ask you to forgive me Lord I know you woulde
ETryin' to end this song but you've been so good to
(just wanted to emphasize that here the B chord is played at the instant you hit the note when Tye says "me", I like to play this chord short rather than hold it out)
BI just love you, oh Lord I just love you for
F# who you are, You mean more than this life to
G#mme See, I'm not trying to be no
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