Tyler Farr – Camouflage chords

Intro:  G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9

Verse I:
G D Cadd9He was eight years old when his daddy took him out for the first time.
G D Cadd9They sat beneath that big oak tree and watched the sunrise.
G D Cadd9 DThe deer weren't moving much this morning, but he still thought it was cool.
Am DDecked out in brown and grey and green, from his hat down to his boots.
Chorus I:
G D Cadd9 DIn his camouflage feelin' like a man, wantin' to be just like his dad.
G D Cadd9 DReady and a waitin' with a gun in his hand.
G D Cadd9 DMemories they'd cherish forever, the two of them spendin' time together.
G D Cadd9 Am DIt's in their roots, it's what they love. That camouflage, it's in his blood
Verse II:
G D Cadd9When he was eighteen, a recruiter came to his high school.
G D Cadd9Said when you graduate son, what you wanna' do?
G D Cadd9He ran straight home and said dad I wanna' be all that I can be.
Am DEight months later he said goodbye and they shipped him overseas.
Chorus II:
G D Cadd9 DIn his camouflage, lookin' like a man. Fightin' for his life and Uncle Sam
G D Cadd9 DReady and a waitin with a gun in his hand.
G DSeein' things he'll never forget,
Cadd9 Dthinkin 'bout his freedom, family, and friends
G D Cadd9 Am DIt's in his roots, it's what he loves. That camouflage, it's in his blood.
F#m EHe called his dad just yesterday, with a tear in his eye.
F#m E Cadd9 DHe said if I don't make it home, don't bury me in no suit and tie.
Chorus III:
G DPut me in my camouflage lookin like a man.
Cadd9 D G D Cadd9So everybody knows just who I am, who I was and where I've been.
G D I've seen things that I'll never forget.
Cadd9 D I cherish my freedom, family and friends.
G D Cadd9 Am DIt's in our roots, it's what we love. This camouflage, it's in our blood.
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