Tacoma Washington Weekday Club – Oer chords

[Intro Riff]e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|--11--11--11--11---9---9---7---7-|A|-9---9---9---9---7---7---5---5---|E|---------------------------------|
[Verse 1] (Intro Riff) The curtain is torn there's a hole in his side (Intro Riff) As far as I know, my whole body's alive (Intro Riff) If I'm 'sposed to love you like Christ loved the bride (Intro Riff) Then why are there sores on your feet? [Verse 2] (power chords)
C# B AMake an example say 4 out of 5
C# B AMake people to candles and burn them alive
C# B AI sent you a present, priority sky
C# B AA ring to keep your finger warm in the night
F# G#He screams and he cries
A BAnd he's saying goodbye
F# G# A BAs he begs for his life he says...
[Interlude] F# G# A B [Verse 3] (Intro Riff) So I'll pack all my things and I'll get out of town (Intro Riff) 'Cause death can't call if I'm not around (Intro Riff) And to think that you thought you could draw me out (Intro Riff) I'm leaving my phone on my bed (Intro Riff) Hang me upside down
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