Tamino – Persephone chords

Cm   Gm
Cm   Gm
F    F

Gm AbYes my love, I confess to you
Gm AbI am only here to break your heart in two
Bb AbThe very flower you chose that day
Bb AbIts only task was to decay
CmYou see?
Gm AbWhen I watched your first bathing
Gm AbI only warned you with a lowered voice
Bb Ab"Be wary of my river's undertow
Bb AbIt flows with water from the coldest source"
CmDid you hear?
[Pre-chorus] Gm Cm Gm [Chorus]
FAnd then I made sure
F EbYou would always return
FYou still know of dawn
F EbBut you always return
Gm AbWhen you hid under my black wings
Gm AbThey couldn't have protected you from anything
Bb AbOnce in flight they would have let go
Bb AbYou would have once again wound up below
CmOnly broken
Gm AbIndeed, it's wrong to keep you near me
Gm AbOne could call me cruel and deceiving
Bb AbBut in your sacred air I am full of light
Bb AbYour loving arms are the true delight
Cm GmTo which I'm lost
FAnd you've noticed it
F EbThere is something right here
FYou have come to love, yes you've come to love
F G What you always will fear
[Bridge] G Fm G Fm G Fm G Fm Fm Abm Abm Cm Cm Cm Cm [Outro]
Gm AbYes, my love, I confess to you
Gm AbI've nothing but the means to break your heart in two
Bb AbMy part in yours may seem important now
Bb AbBut with every spring it will seem so small
Gm AbJust for now I am your fall
GmI am your fall
AbI am your fall
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