No The Moon chords with lyrics by Teen Suicide - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Teen Suicide – No The Moon chords

[Verse 1]
C G/B The sun is hidden
C G/B Behind the clouds
C G/B The sun goes down
C G/B I see it fall
C G/B I write your name
C G/B At the grocery store
C G/B I want to see
C G/B What it's like to be you
[Instrumental Break]e|---------------------|------------------------|B|----------1----------|-0-----0-----0-----0--1-|G|-------0-----0-----0-|----0-----0-----0-------|D|-2--2-----------2----|------------------------| x3A|-3-------------------|-2----------------------|E|---------------------|------------------------|
e|---------------------|------------------------|B|----------1----------|-0-----0-----0-----0--1-|G|-------0-----0-----0-|----0-----0-----0-------|D|-2--2-----------2----|------------------------| x1A|-3-------------------|------------------------|E|---------------------|-3----------------------|
[Verse 2]
C C G/B I'm lying down
C C G/B It's raining now
C C G/B When things are gone
C G/B You can't have them back
C C G/B I close my eyes
C C G/B It's late at night
C C G/B I hope I won't
C G/B Have that dream again
[Piano outro]e|---------------------|------------------------|B|----------1----------|-0-----0-----0-----0--1-|G|-------0-----0-----0-|----0-----0-----0-------|D|-2--2-----------2----|------------------------| x8A|-3-------------------|-2----------------------|E|---------------------|------------------------|
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