Teeth – Chop The Tree chords

[Verse 1] 
G G Cm Fm I, I want to chop the tree
D GCarry the wood and burn the leaves
G Cm Fm And when the job gets done
D GThen this old boy will have had his fun
Em AmHello hello hollow tree
B EmI've come to read your eulogy
[Verse 2]
G Cm Fm And I want, I want to plant and sow
D GAnd make my garden grow
G Cm Fm And when my garden dies
D GThen this old boy will have feared no flies
Em AmSo long so long sleepy bear
B EmI've turned your bed into a chair
B C Am GAnd the last I saw she was at the station
Em Am D GBoarding three bags for only a week's vacation
D G CWhen I see her again It will be the end
COh oh Oh oh oh oh oh
[Instrumental] F Bbm C Caug F
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