The Things I Do chords with lyrics by Tessa Violet - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tessa Violet – The Things I Do chords

Capo 2

Am FHair of gold and eyes of blue
C Eteach her how to be like you.
Am FMagazines taped to her wall
C Eeasier to count her flaws.
Am FOne for dessert
C Eone for the hurt
Am F C Eone for the blame of a life that's led by shame
Am FBeauty comes and beauty goes
C Ewhen comes hers? Oh. no one knows
Am F C EFailing grades but it's okay no one's counting anyways
Am FOne for the drink
C EOne so she won't think
Am F C EOne punishing for the boy who said don't sing
Am FClothing covers many scars
C Eloathing's covered at a bar
Am F C EDemons tell her with a shrug you are not worth being loved
Am F C Eohhhh
Am F C Eohh
Am FLord, pull me through
C Ebreak my chains and make me new
Am F C E lord, show me truth so i'll never go back to the things I do
AmThe things I do
F The things I do
CThe Things I do
EThe Things I do
Am F C ELord, pull me through I am so in love with you
Am F C Elord, show me truth I will find my strength in you
AmYou make me new
F You make me new
CYou make me new
EYou make me new
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