Textures – Messengers Acoustic chords

[Verse 1]
FHere I wander aimlessly
FDivided like a restless sea
Gb FI remember messengers
Ab GbSifting through the boiling sand
Bb7 EbmLooking for a shaken hand
Gb FWading through the mire
Bb FmBut never find what they desire
GbHear my voice calling
[Pre-Chorus 1]
EbmA butterfly caught
EbmInvisible wall
EbmKeep away from light
EbmI'm speechless
GbI'm fearless
F Bmaj7I keep myself from running low on air
[Chorus 1]
Bmaj7I'm a passenger
A#mI am just passing by
F# BWalk with me
Bmaj7 B Bmaj7 B Bmaj7I'm a passenger
Bmaj7 B Bmaj7 B I'm not supposed to be here
Bmaj7 B Bmaj7 B Bmaj7Roads in one direction
Bmaj7 B F All lead to where I'll be
[Verse 2]
FHere I wonder endlessly
FA story told uneasily
Gb FI remember messengers
[Pre-Chorus 2]
BbmSmell the scent of every season
GbHow dark they might be
EbmThis old monster has its reasons
Bbm GbI am finally free
EbmStay with me now
[Chorus 2]
D# Bmaj7See what you have done, creator
There's no great escape
D# Bmaj7Still hunger - I'm forsaken
D# Bmaj7I turn to the messengers
D#maj7 Bmaj7the messengeeeeeeeeeers
C#maj7 D#maj7uhuhuuu....
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