Night chords with lyrics by The Altogether - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Altogether – Night chords

[Verse 1]
E G/E ENight, are you here again?
Emaj7 G E6Night, won't you let me in?
A F#7I have lied here waiting
G DBut when I lay me down to rest
G D#7It's part of some eternal jest
G#m C#7Though, since you left me here, I've grown
G#m EI still wish I weren't here alone
[Verse 2]
E G/E ENight, can you find your way?
Emaj7 G E6Night, since you couldn't stay?
A F#7You will find me waiting
G DFor some sign Callisto won
G D#7A chance to see her wayward son
G#m C#7But until then, I'll hope you're right
G#m EAnd I'll walk with you through endless night
G ENight
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