The Baltics – Nothings Clear chords

A E B C#m B x4

[Verse 1]
E AYou know there's people
C#m BAll across the world
E ALive life to its fullest
C#m BWhile I'm feeling faily hurt
[Verse 2]
E AAnd there's nothing I can do
C#m BExcept try make it through
E ALike I've got a srew loose
C#m BI fell into disuse
A ECause I don't know
B C#m BHow this wind will blow
A E B C#m BOr how your life may flow from here
A E B C#mHey, you can't explain
B A EMy life's lost its way
B C#m BNothings Clear
[Verse 3]
E AYou know it came to me
C#m BIn the middle of the night
E AI'm loosing this fight
C#m BNothing is hapenning right
[Verse 4]
E AEverybody that I know
C#m BCan't seem to make it show
E ATheir not in a state of disuse
C#m B [Chorus] [Bridge] Em [Chorus] x2 [Guitar solo] A E B C#m B x8 E A E A
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