All Day All Night chords with lyrics by The California Honeydrops - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The California Honeydrops – All Day All Night chords

[Verse 1]
EI've been singin all day
ESinging all night
E B7Singing cause I got this feeling and I know
B7It's a mighty hard road
B7But we all got to go
EYeah we all got to go
[Verse 2]
EMoaning through the nights
EMoaning through the days
E B7Moaning cause I once had a love and now she's gone
B7Oh dont you know she's gone
B7Don't you know she's gone
EAnd she ain't coming back
[Verse 3]
EI've been laughing through the nights
ECrying through the days
ELosing my mind
B7One tear at a time over you
B7It's all over you
B7Mm hmm over yooouu
EOh girl I wish you knew
[Verse 4]
EWho was in the right
EWho was in the wrong
E B7Who could have have known it would all come tumbling down
B7Mm hmm what a sound
B7Girl what a sound
EWhen it hit the ground
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