The Digital Age – I Belong chords

[Verse 1]
GYou find me in the shadows
EmThe Places only I know
D CAnd I hear you speak your mercy over me
GAnd the darkness loses power
EmAnd your mighty grace is stronger
D CMy savior's love is never gonna leave
[Chorus 1]
GI belong
EmI belong
D CI belong to you
[Verse 2]
GKing of endless glory
EmMy redeemer ever worthy
D COh let my every moment bring you praise
GI will sing out hallelujah
EmFrom the heart that's found its home
D CNo matter where I am, Oh God I know
[Chorus 2]
GI belong (I am not my own)
EmI belong (I am yours alone)
D CI belong (I belong, I belong) to you
EmNot my past
CNot my shame
GNot my sin
DNot the grave
EmThe work is done
CYou overcame
G DAnd I belong to you
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