The Flat Stanleys – When You Wanna Die But You Got A 9 Am chords

[Verse 1]
A ELate night conversations turn to late night drinks
C#mAs I crawl on hands and knees
To someone else's arms
BAnd we'll both close our eyes
AAnd pretend that I'm not me
EBut then I open my eyes and I'm alone in my room again
C#m BWith screenshots of conversations that we had when I didn't introduce you as "my friend"
A E C#m B [Verse 2]
AAnd I will help you look at schools
EAnd I will help you plan your future
C#m BThe one that doesn't involve me in any sense
But that's your right
AAnd I will help you sleep at night
EAt the expense of my own body
C#mBut every day only feels okay
BUntil I wake up in the morning
AThis double twin bed swallows me whole
EThe jersey sheets become my lifeline
C#mThank you Carlo, Jason, and Meghan
BAnd anyone else who was around
AWhen I was lying on the bathroom floor
EAnd then sky became the ground
C#mIt's not my time, it's not my time
BNot quite yet
[Verse 3]
A ENothing is that bad, not really, you tell me
C#mAs I sit alone in bed and try to make sense
BOf the dots on the ceiling
Soon they'll become mountains
AAnd my eyes will put off the climb
EThat I know that I must make
C#mBut not quite yet, I'm not prepared
BI need to do my laundry and cut my hair
AI need to acknowledge all the things
EI can't ignore anymore
Like my cut off shorts and the
C#mBox of nicotine patches
BThat's always empty and lying on my desk
A E C#m BBut not quite yet
A E C#mThese words have so little meaning, anyway
BYou remind me as I walk back to my place
A EThrough the crowds of everyone that you thought I could be
C#m BBut that's not me, that's not me, not really
ANothing is that bad not really
EYou tell me as I sit alone in bed
C#mNothing is that bad not really
B AYou tell me as I sit alone in nothing
Is that bad? not really
E C#mYou tell me as I sit alone in (bed) nothing
BIs that bad? not really you tell me
AAs I sit alone in bed
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