The Highwomen – My Name Cant Be Mama chords

C  G

C   C

[Verse 1]
C F CThings are gettin' better but right now it's not looking great
C GMy ceiling still is spinning from a night that went too late
C F CI used to sleep this off and let the shame just melt away
C G CBut not for tiny feet in hallways calling out my name
F CIt's not that I don't love you, I wouldn't touch the hands of time
F G GIt's not that I don't long to feel your tiny hand in mine
C F CI'm not a perfect woman, Lord, I don't wish it all away
F G CMy name can't be Mama today
[Riff] C G D [Verse 2]
C F CToday I didn't listen to the voice inside my head
C G CI peeled out of the driveway left my family in bed
C F CKnow it wouldn't be easier to just quit the road and stay home
C G CI'd lose myself inside the halls, unsatisfied and alone
[Verse 3]
F CSometimes all I want is to run back to you at night
F GTo rock you to sleep, to keep the blues out of your eyes
C F CI'm not the kind of woman that would throw it all away
C G CBut my name can't be Mama today
[Riff] D G D [Verse 4]
D G DI drive my mother crazy out here traveling the world
D AFree-wheeling in the city, I'm a solitary girl
D G DI'm living in the moment, knowing there might come a day
D A DBut my name can't be Mama today, uh-uh
G DIt's not that I don't want to, I just don't want to today
G AI'm not a fan of mornings and I love my chardonnay
D G DNo, I'm not saying never, I won't wish it all away
D G DBut my name can't be Mama today, oh no
D G DMy name can't be Mama today
[Outro] D
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