The Hollies – Tall Cool Woman In A Black Dress chords

Intro/Riff (listen for correct timing) C(add9) F6 Fe|--------|----1---|----1---|B|3-3-3-3-|----3---|----1---|G|0-0-0-0-|----2---|----2---|D|2-2-2-2-|----3---|----3---|A|----3-3-|--------|--------|E|--------|--------|--------|
Am Am7 Am F FWatching girls pass by
G6 G G6 G5 C It ain't the latest thing
Fill 1: (variate on this other times)e|------------|B|------------|G|---0-0h2p0-0|D|0h2---------|A|------------|E|------------|
G G G7 G7 G7 CI'm just standing in a doorway
C(add9) + Fill 1
G G G7 G7 CI'm just trying to make some sense
C(add9) + Fill 2:e|------|B|------|G|-0-0--|D|------|
Am Am7 Am F FAll of those girls passing by
G6 G G6 G5 CThe tales they tell of men
Fill 1
G G G7 G7 G7 CI'm not waiting on a lady
C(add9)+ Fill 2
G G G7 G7 G7 CI'm just waiting on a friend
C(add9)+ Fill 2 + verse/chorus + Riff
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