The Homeless Gospel Choir – Luxury Problems chords


C G Gadd9 G x2

G (Walk down on E string)


[Verse 1]

G                         C          G

I want the people club to play at my funeral

G                    C            G

I want my friends to laugh when I die

 C                  D          G    D/F#  Em

I want all the good feelings I hold in my heart

  C               D          G

I want my mom and dad not to cry


[Verse 2]

G         C              G

I sure do hope there's a heaven

      G           C         G

And I hope that I get to go there

  C               D              G   D/F#  Em

I hope that I can get there with all of my friends

C                  D                   G

Even the ones that don't kneel down in prayer



C             D               G

Hitler, Sarah Palin and Jerry Falwell

C                 D               G

Have all read the bible, yes it's true

   C        D           G    D/F#   Em

If I get to heaven, and they are my neighbors

C                    D             G

I'll have to ask the lord if I can move


[Verse 3]

     G             C            G

When I get there I wanna see my brother

   G              C             G

So we can sit and have a couple beers

     C                 D        G     D/F#    Em

I'll ask him if theres any good music left in heaven

C                        D                 G

He'll say the punk scene has been dead for years


[Verse 4]

   G               C          G

My life time isn't up on this earth yet

   G                 C            G

At least I know that I have right now

   C                 D           G    D/F#      Em

So let's spend these moments and live with each other

C               D         G

At least figure out a way how

G                     C          G

We all spend too much time bein angry

C                  D            G

There's gotta be a better way somehow

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