Murder chords with lyrics by The Howl & The Hum - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Howl & The Hum – Murder chords

A   Dm   F   D   A

[Verse 1]
D FI let you get around me
AI let you get under my skin
GI let you surround me
FOh, I let you get within
DWhen you can't escape
FWhen you can't run no further
DI let you get away
AmI let you get away with it
[Verse 2]
GI'm waiting at the bus stop
AIn pyjamas that your mother bought me
GIt's been a couple hours now
F Dm FWhen you arrive, you won't even think to say I'm sorry
[Verse 2]
FWill you?
Am'Cause I've spent eight pounds fifteen
GOn good wine
FAnd the candles will be dead now
Dm DAnd when I can't escape
FI ask myself was it all worth it?
DTo let you get away
AmTo let you get away with it
G AmTo let you get away
FTo let you get away with it
DmTo let you get away
A DTo let you get away with it
[Guitar Solo] G [Bridge]
Aโ€œNo, itโ€™s fine,โ€ I sigh and tesco-value lager-eyed
You try to smile me into submission and my knees go
DAnd I'm stapled to your side
A DmI can't hear the silence now
GI can't feel the food grow cold
FI can't feel my heart grow old
DmAll I feel is love
AmAll I feel is love
GAll I feel is love
FAll I feel is love
DIf I had the stength
FEven if I had you cornered
Dm DYou'd look right through my eye
AmAnd I'd let you get away
G Dm FI'd let you get away
Am DI'd let you get away
C DI'd let you get away
AmI'd let you get away
[Outro] Am F [End]
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